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Where do Legal Nurse Consultants work?

The majority of Legal Nurse Consultants work for litigation firms specializing in nursing home, medical malpractice, and product liability or workers compensation cases.

Also, insurance companies retain Legal Nurse Consultants to analyze their medical, legal cases.

Why is it important to be trained by civil trial attorneys who actually work on the type of cases that I will be working on?

The experienced civil trial attorney will know your role as part of a litigation team. The person who needs your consulting services and who retains your services are the civil trial attorneys who work in this area.

Legal Nurse Consultants, or individuals who may even have a law degree, will not have the expertise of trial work. Your training is critical to your success. There is no better teacher than the experienced trial attorney.

Why is it important to know applicable state law, as well as national law?

Civil trial attorneys know how important this information is to your analysis. Depending on your state law, the Legal Nurse Consultant must know which cases are meritorious or defensible, depending upon the firm you represent.

Legal Nurse Consultants who have not received appropriate state law training will be limited in their knowledge and abilities to be a part of the litigation team. Our civil trial attorneys require this specialized training as part of your program.

What are the advantages for me to become an LNC Center student?

This is the only national program that teaches both state and national law.

Our program is cost effective, and provides comprehensive training, including ONE-ON-ONE MENTORING. If other programs even have a mentoring program, the cost is extra, and the mentoring is done by Legal Nurse Consultants, not Civil Trial Attorneys. Getting your training from the very type of professional that would be retaining your services in the future, will provide the inside fast track to success.

Several State Boards of Nursing have approved the Center’s programs as a nursing educational provider, including NCNA, an accredited provider of the American Nurses Credentialing Commission on Accreditation.

Does the Center For Legal Nurse Consulting offer other courses for me to enhance my career and grow as a professional?

Yes, our students may continue to develop a great deal of expertise in both medicine and highly specialized case analysis and trial strategies.

You can take e-learning courses 24/7 or LIVE WEB Teleconferences. All of our courses are approved by the ASLNC for re-certification purposes.

Why is it important to become ASLNC certified through this program?

The LNC Center complies with The American Society of Legal Nurse Consultant standards. Specifically, the ASLNC requires 40 hours of legal training as the standard, and also requires state law training. The ASLNC requires up to 75% of all training be done by a trial lawyer with Medical Malpractice experience.

The LNC Center exceeds those standards and provides 72 hours of LNC basic training for our students. Also 100% of the curriculum is taught by trial lawyers. Many Medical Malpractice trial lawyers look for the ASLNC certification prior to retaining their LNCs. The LNC Center believes in preparing the students for the highest standards in the Legal Nurse Consulting profession.

I am not sure if becoming a Legal Nurse Consultant is a right choice for me. What are the pre-qualifications?

A. One needs to be a nurse in good standing in one's state before qualifying to take the course.
B. You must have a desire to learn and be interested in law.
C. Having a positive attitude, a necessity.
D. Financial independence should be one of your top goals!
E. Interested in a career that is challenging, outside of traditional nursing, but still wanting to utilize your nursing expertise.

Legal Nurse Consulting may be perfect for you, if you answered YES to all of the above.


* This program has been by the North Carolina Nurses Association, which is accredited as an approver of continuing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center?s Commission on Accreditation for 72.75 contact hours.*
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